FORT is a place for open-ended, sensory rich, free play. 


We have created a space where play is honored and appreciated as the work of childhood. Here, play is simple and pure.

Through imaginative and collaborative play, children acquire necessary cognitive, physical, and social skills that set the groundwork for further development, confidence, and socialization.  


Our intentionally designed space and meticulously curated loose parts create an engaging place for elaborative and joyful play.

meet the FORT team

FORT founder

As a pediatric occupational therapist and mom to three boys, Jodie Vaughn believes that play is as fundamental to a child's well-being as sleep and nutrition. Play is essential. Play is the occupation of childhood.


FORT is a special place where joyful, pure play is the focus and the mission. 



FORT keeper

Daily Operations

Zel Diaz is up front in the FORT action. She’s there to help our little ones & their grown ups experience the FORT magic.


FORT friend

Lead Pure Play Facilitator 

Olivia Rock buzzes around during sessions to encourage little ones to create their own magic.


FORT logistics

Caroline Morris is in charge of FORT’s Operations & Development. She works behind the scenes to keep up the FORT magic.

FORT friend

lowkey tech fairy

Ashley Carpenter keeps up the FORT & FORT to go website magic.

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 pure play is our work

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