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what is that thing in the backyard?

Nestled out back, our thicket is a magical place. "natural and enchanting" it is handmade by Minnesota-based Cheeriup, by the talented hands of Kelly English. Find ever-flowing inspiration through the carefully woven sticks right in our very backyard.


what is FORT?

FORT is a place for open-ended, sensory rich, free play. Play is the work of childhood and FORT is a special place where joyful, pure play is the focus and the mission.


where is FORT?

202 Herndon Street, Fredericksburg VA 22401

free street & stroller & bike parking available


why FORT?

We have created a space where play is honored and appreciated as the work of childhood. Through imaginative and collaborative play, children acquire necessary cognitive, physical, and social skills that set the ground work for further development, confidence, and socialization.

 Here, play is simple and pure.


ages for FORT?

FORT is intended for children ages 2-8. Siblings younger than 1 are welcome to join as "tag alongs" at no additional cost, but require direct grownup supervision at all times during pure play times. Please contact us (call/email) if you'd like to visit and your child is under 2. 

*happy baby yoga on tuesday is for ages 4-24 months

 *baby band on wednesday is for ages 6-36 months