pure play™

At FORT, children are encouraged to engage in uninhibited, joyful, pure play surrounded by beautiful loose parts and sensory rich materials that inspire imagination. We have created a space where play is honored and appreciated as the work of childhood.

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ways to play at FORT

  • $20 pure play or open play drop-in (additional siblings $10 each - purchase in-house)

  • $75 five play punch card (available in-house)

  • FORTport membership (unlimited monthly, siblings free)


 pure play guidelines

  • FORT is ideal for children ages 3 and up

  • we welcome children younger than 3, but they MUST be closely supervised by their grownup at all times

  • grownup must remain at FORT with their child(ren)

  • grownups should remain in same room with their child(ren) during play or outside with them if they are in our out-back space

  • tagalongs (1 & under) free of charge

  • because of allergy concerns at FORT, we do not allow for any outside food or drink in house

  • FORT is a shoe -free space but socks and slippers are always welcome